Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need visa and How to get Visa?
    Yes, you need a Valid Passport and Visa to come to India.
    It is very simple and easy to get a Visit Visa to India for your Dental Treatment.
    You can apply visa online on
  • Which currency to do you accept? Currency exchange
    We accept payment only in Indian Rupees. You can either pay by Cash (Indian Rupees) or by Debit / Credit Card. We accept all major card (VISA / MASTER / AMEX). If you are carrying foreign currency, we will assist you in getting it exchanged to Indian rupees.
  • How do I book flights? Do you help out with the booking?
    From your home country, the travel destination would be Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus -2 Mumbai, India. Our Chauffeur would be waiting for you at the Airport to pick you up and drop you at the Hotel. For best flight deals, you can refer to,
  • Where do I get accommodations?
    Once your appointment is confirmed, our patient coordinators will assist you choose best hotels for accommodations.
  • What services does your dental clinic offer?
    Smile Makeover/ Smile Designing
    Dental Implant
    Invisible Braces
    Instant Teeth Whitening
    Full Mouth Rehabilitations
    General Dentistry/ Dental Treatments
    Ceramic Veneers
    Crowns & Bridges
    Gum Surgeries
    Root Canal Treatement
    Surgical Extraction
    Cosmetic Dentistry
  • What would be the Weather like/ Climate/ Clothes/ Accessories?
    Generally the climate or weather in Mumbai is hot and humid. Monsoon occurs during the months between June and September. Winters set in from October and lasts until early February, but they are not very cold.
    You can wear light summer clothes (airy cotton or rayon tops and breezy pants/ skirts/shorts) and you can keep a lightweight jacket as you may feel cold in the clinic when you are undergoing a treatment. Additionally, carry an umbrella if travelling during monsoons.
  • Travel Insurance
    We recommend that you purchase a comprehensive travel medical insurance that covers you for emergency illnesses, injuries or accidents when travelling abroad.
  • Insurance for dental treatments
    In India, we do not have the facility for insurance on dental treatments as it is not considered as a medical emergency. However, if your country covers you for dental treatments, we will be happy to assist you with all the necessary formalities/documents that can help you claim insurance back in your country.
  • What is the Time Frame for Dental Implants
    Ideally, dental implant treatment is planned in 2 phases/visits. The first visit will comprise of a thorough dental examination using state of art equipment and in house dental scanning procedure, detailed discussion of treatment plans and procedures. The necessary pre-surgery treatments and procedures will be performed followed by Implant surgery. This phase takes about 7 days
    Your next visit for the 2nd phase is planned after 3 months. It takes about 3 months for the implant site to heal and the implants to Osseo integrate. The next phase involves exposing the implant site, placing the abutments and implant restorations (crowns/bridge or denture). This visit takes about 10 days to 2 weeks.
    Single Visit Treatment: Our expert dental surgeons also perform single visit dental implant surgeries. But it is important to understand that the jaw bone conditions have to be favorable to achieve long lasting results.
    Once you share your exact requirements and/or dental x-rays/scans, say over email or whatsapp, we can let you know about the time frame which will help you make appropriate travel plans.
  • Time Frame for Dental Treatments (apart from Dental implants)
    Time frame of the dental treatment will depend on the type and amount of dental treatment that needs to be done. Usually a period of 1 week is required for dental procedures like smile makeovers, multiple root canals with restorations, gum treatments etc. Once you share your exact requirements and/or dental x-rays/scans, say over email or whatsapp, we can let you know about the time frame which will help you make appropriate travel plans.
  • Implant Care/ Warranty/ how long do implants last
    Our natural teeth can stay forever but factors like improper care or poor dental hygiene, food habits, smoking, certain health conditions, accidents etc., can cause them to deteriorate and eventually fall off, if not treated at the right time.
    Implants mimic the structure and function of natural teeth and should last you for a life time provided you take good care by maintaining oral hygiene, visiting a dental office atleast once or twice a year for professional clean up.
    We have a very high success ratio for dental implant treatment (about 99%). At our clinic, we provide life time warranty on dental implants from selected brands.
  • What Warranty we offer?
    We offer warranties on dental implants and dental restorations like crowns, veneers, bridges and dentures. The warranty depends on the type of product and brand.
  • Why to choose India over other countries?
    India is known for its striking diversity of culture, language, history and geography. India is a perfect choice for holiday destination as we have everything from snow clad mountains in the north to backwaters in the south and deserts in the west to natural scenic beauty in the east.
    You can enjoy the visits to the religious cities or explore the exotic beaches or try adventures at trekking in the mountains or simply relax at any hill station or metro city. It is easy to communicate and commute in India.
    When you club your holiday with dental visit, you get the best of both the worlds. We have the latest technology, state of art clinics, highly qualified and skillful team of dental experts, dental lab and much more, to ensure that you have the wonderful dental treatment experience.
    Therefore, if you combine the cost of travelling, holidaying and treatment and compare it with the treatment cost for the same amount of treatment in your country, you will end up saving upto 70%
  • Why is dental treatment in India cheap as compared to other countries?
    The cost of dental treatment is based on factors like dental raw materials, lab cost for manufacture of dental restorations, availability of resources ( power supply, rentals, technical and non- technical human resource), national policies for Importing dental materials etc. All of the above are easily available in India thereby keeping the cost under control.
    Also, Signature Smiles is a chain of dental clinic, having the advantage of sourcing bulk orders or wholesale orders for dental materials which helps save on cost and which are in turn passed onto the patients. We have professionally managed departments taking care of all sorts of expenses, investments and fund use. This enables us to offer special prices and affordable treatment to all patients.
    Therefore, if you combine the cost of travelling, holidaying and treatment and compare it with the treatment cost for the same amount of treatment in your country, you will end up saving upto 70%
  • Can I bring my partner or family member along?
    Getting someone along with you is absolutely fine and entirely your decision. We understand the apprehension when one is travelling to a different country, especially for medical/dental treatments. We are happy to welcome you and your partner/family to India as well as our clinic.
  • What will be the schedule of the day and what I can do in my spare time?
    The schedule of the treatment is discussed on the 1st or 2nd day after your arrival, once the consultation & treatment planning is done. Based on this you can plan your spare time. On most days you will have evenings free, which you can use to explore Mumbai. There is a lot to do in Mumbai in your spare time. There are lovely temples & churches to visit, very good restaurants and clubs, beaches and parks, cinemas and theatres, shopping malls and cafes and much more. On days when you have the whole day to yourself, we can help you plan day trips in and around Mumbai.
  • Do you have any references or testimonials from previous patients?
    We have received patients from all over the world and few testimonials are also listed on the website. Link:
    If you share your contact details on the query form, we can share references and their contact details (based on your geographic location). You can reach out to them directly to get firsthand information about their experience with us.
  • Am I a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?
    Do you get conscious when you smile? If your answer is yes, you do need a smile correction or makeover.
    You are a candidate of cosmetic dentistry if you have teeth that are crooked, spaced out, missing, broken or discolored.
    At Signature Smiles we can fix your teeth and deliver your dream smile. A good smile improves confidence as well as overall health of teeth and gums.
  • Do your dental packages include the flight as well?
    Flight fares vary depending on the date and time of booking and travel. Hence it is difficult to include it in the dental package. Nevertheless, we can assist you in your flight bookings, travel arrangements and complimentary airport transfers.
  • What documents do I need to bring along with me?
    Depending on your current health condition or previous medical history, you need to carry relevant documents like reports, x rays, scans, prescriptions and consent from your GP. If you have recently done any dental treatments or examination, you can carry reports from your dental office as well.
    Apart from that, all you need is a valid passport, visa and travel insurance.
  • Do you follow world standards of hygiene and sterilization?
    Signature Smiles is an ISO CERTIFIED Chain of Dental Clinics. We are also awarded “Best Iconic Dental Clinic in India” by Dr. Deepak Sawant (Health Minister of India)
    Hygiene and sterilization is our utmost priority and we follow strict protocols to ensure infection control.
    Every instrument is washed, cleaned, packed and sterilized before each use.
    The suction tips, intra-oral x ray sleeves, face masks, tissues and rinse glass are disposable and strictly not to be re-used.
    Sterilized disposable surgical gowns and head gears are used for doctors, assistants and patient during the surgery.
    The dental operatory is also cleaned, disinfected and fumigated before and after the surgery.
  • Is there a compromise in the quality?
    Signature Smiles is a reputed chain of dental clinics and extensively cater to patients from across the world. We have a high success rate for all sorts of dental treatments and offer warranty on most dental procedures and products.
    We do not believe in compromising on the quality of dental care
  • Why should I choose SS over any other implant clinic?
    Dental implant is a very critical procedure and requires precise planning and execution. One must consider the following points before deciding on the dental clinic.
    Doctor’s qualification, experience and success ratio
    Technology used for planning the surgery
    Consultation and explanation of the procedure by the doctor
    Clinic hygiene, state of art facilities, support staff
    Post treatment care and instructions and follow up management
    Restorative stage or phase 2 stage planning and lab support
    At Signature Smiles, we literally fulfill all the above requirements to be at the top of the best dental implant clinic in Mumbai, India. Our team of doctors has over 22 years of experience and placed more than 5000 implants with a success rate of 99%.
    They keep themselves updated to all the modern and latest technology available in the field of dentistry and dental implants. To view the certificates of the doctor, please click here (Link)
    Our clinics are state of the art with hi tech equipment’s and in house 3D scanner. We believe in following strict sterilization protocols and the support staff is extremely helpful, polite and trained for patient care.
    Most importantly, we have in house lab support which helps us to provide excellent customized restorations (dental implant crowns/bridge/denture). Restorations are made keeping in mind patients’ facial characteristics, bite, shade of other natural teeth, food habits etc.
    The above benefits give us an edge over other dental clinic and give you the reason to choose us for your dental implant treatment.
  • Do you have an Inhouse Lab?
    Not all dental clinics have the advantage of having a dental laboratory at their disposal. The in-house lab support allows us to provide restorations in minimum time frame.
    The lab uses latest technologies and materials to make veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures. This enables us to provide 5 to 15 year warranty on dental restorations. Restorations are made keeping in mind patients’ facial characteristics, bite, shade of other natural teeth, food habits etc. A skilled lab technician therefore works very closely with the doctor to achieve the desired end result. Trials are taken before bonding the restorations to check for the need of any further improvements and to take patient review.
    There have been several cases where we have done smile makeover with veneers/crowns in less than 3 days/ 3 sittings, thanks to the dental lab!!
  • Who will be carrying out my treatment?
    Signature Smiles has a team of dental experts from various fields of dentistry.
    Depending on your dental problem, an appropriate dental expert will attend to you.
    For example, if you need dental Implants, we have dental surgeons and implantologist with over 22 years of experience and a success rate of 99%. If you need a smile makeover we have an aesthetic expert who has designed over 100’s of smiles. Full mouth rehabilitation needs several experts to work together as a team. It includes an endodontist for root canals, prosthodontist for restorative work, implantologist for implants, dental surgeon for extractions etc.
    We analyze your requirement during a detailed consultation and accordingly assign you the right dental team. To view the certificates of the doctor, please click here (Link)
  • Qualification of doc? Experience of doc?
    Dental Team at Signature Smiles is highly qualified, holding Bachelors and Masters Degree in Dentistry (BDS and MDS) with several years of experience.
    The dental team has successfully transformed 1000’s of smiles making it a life changing experience for the patients. They have achieved great results even in complicated and challenging cases.
    Each doctor is continuously trained for the latest in dentistry by participating in various training programs worldwide
    To view the certificates of the doctor, please click here (Link)
    Dr. Sandeep Khanna has a long list of qualifications, extensive knowledge and enormous experience. He has been in dental practice for over 22 years.
    His qualifications include graduation from prestigious Indian college “Nair Hospital Dental College” and masters from the same institute in the year 1997. He has attended several courses and trainings, globally, throughout his career to keep himself updated for the latest in dentistry.
    As an Implantologist, he has certifications from Germany, Sweden, Italy and USA. He also has a mastership in GBR, Bone Regeneration from the University Of Bern, Switzerland.
    To list a few of his trainings from the pioneers in their fields:
    • Training from Academy of Craniofacial Aesthetics by Gordon Christensen.
    • Teeth in a Day by Thomas Balshi, Pennsylvania
    • Bone Ring Technique by Dr. Giessenhagen
    • Immediate Implants by Dr. Gerlach , Dentsply , Germany
    • Sinus Floor Elevation by Dr. Yong-Dae kwon
    • Ankylos/Xive Implant Systems Germany , by Dr. Kormann
    • Master Class by Paulo Malo in Noble Biocare implants
    • Advanced Implant Techniques by Dr. Marco Degidi, Italy
    • Guided Bone Regeneration by Dr K.L. Ackermann

    He is also an active member of the following associations:
    • Member of Indian Dental Association (IDA)
    • Member of Indian Society of Periodontists (ISP)
    • Member of Indian Society of Oral Implantologists (ISOI)
  • What makes Signature Smiles Dentistry Special in Mumbai?
    Signature Smiles Dental Clinic is a reputed chain of ISO CERTIFIED dental clinic in Mumbai. We have 7 centres across Mumbai and are a one stop solution to all your dental problems.
    We offer dental services like General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, and Cosmetic Dentistry. We also offer painless root canals and braces for children as well as adults. Invisible aligners
    Our dental work comes with a warranty and this very fact speaks volumes about us.
    Our clinics are equipped with latest dental equipment’s and technology. We have an in house lab support, 3-D scanner, digital x rays, electronic medical record system and smile design software to provide high quality and precise dental work. These facilities not only save your valuable time but also make your treatment affordable.
    Maintaining hygiene and sanitation is our primary concern and we have a dedicated housekeeping department to take care of it. All the equipment’s that are used for the treatment are sterilized using a standard & strict sterilization protocol. We use disposable gloves, face masks, rinse glasses, tissues. patient drapes and all other possible dental materials to avoid and prevent any chances of cross contamination.
    Your time is our priority and hence our multi chair setup allows us to prioritize your appointment and also offer services in evening hours and weekends. We also attend to emergencies.
    The ambiance of our clinic will keep you relaxed and our dental and support staff are very helpful and polite which helps you to have a comfortable experience.
  • What is All on 4?
    All on 4 is an alternative treatment to the traditional/conventional implants to replace all missing teeth. It is a technique developed by the Nobel Bio Care company from Sweden.
    All on 4 is a system to rehabilitate full mouth using only 4 implants and a full arch prosthesis/ full fixed bridge. It is recommended to patients with no teeth (edentulous) or soon to be edentulous patients. 4 implants are placed in each jaws followed by a temporary denture/bridge fixed on the same day. The final restorations are made after 3 to 6 months based on the healing of the gums.
    Whether a patient is a candidate for All on 4 or not is a decision made by the dentist after a thorough clinical examination.
  • What is All on 6?

    All on 6 is a system to rehabilitate full mouth using 6 implants and a full arch prosthesis/ full fixed bridge. It is recommended to patients with no teeth (edentulous) or soon to be edentulous patients. 6 implants are placed in each jaws followed by a temporary denture/bridge. The final restorations are made after 3 to 6 months based on the healing of the gums.
    Whether a patient is a candidate for All on 6 or not is a decision made by the dentist after a thorough clinical examination.
  • Can my child get Dental Implants?
    Dental Implant treatment is best available alternative to missing teeth, but in Adults. It is not a good choice for children as their jaws continues to grow and the development of natural permanent teeth is yet to happen. If dental implants are placed in developing jaw, it may hinder the process of jaw growth and come in the way of the natural teeth to come out. Dental Implants do not move like natural teeth as they lack periodontal ligament which is present in the natural teeth, thereby affecting the final dental development process.
    Ideally, implants should be placed after 15 years for Girls and 17 years for Boys.
  • Are Implants Safe?
    Dental Implant procedure is considered to be safe and has been used for over 4 decades globally.
    A thorough examination of the candidate is a must before confirming the possibility of treatment. This evaluation process minimizes the failure ratio and increases the success rate for the procedure. The most important criteria here is the jaw bone condition i.e. its length and density. More the length and density better are the chances of successful and safe dental implant procedures.
    If a patient has allergies to metal, or sever health condition (in such cases, consent from the general practitioner is needed) he may not be able to get dental implants. For such patients procedures like bridges or dentures are alternative treatments.
  • Can Smokers Opt for Dental Implants
    Implant Success in smokers can be increased by stopping the habit 1 week prior to and up to 2 months after the implant placement.
    To avoid failure of implant and live a healthier life you should be prepared to give up smoking.
  • Do Dental Implant have age restriction and is it safe for senior citizens
    There is no age bar for implant treatment. If the jaw bone quality and density are favorable, you are considered as a Perfect candidate for dental implant treatment.
    Good Bone structure is all you need to do Dental Implant in any age.

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