Have you heard about the trend of dental tourism or “dental vacation”? Many Europeans choose to travel outside Europe to access dental care. In very rare cases, the purpose of going to a foreign country for a dental procedure may be to see a specialist for a particularly complex oral surgery. However, dentistry is very advanced in Europe and many of the world’s top dentists and dental facilities are here.

The price is the determining factor in dental tourism

The most common reason for patients traveling overseas for dental work is to save money. Several dental tourism sites regularly advertise prices that are up to 70 percent less than the cost of similar procedures in Europe. Individuals who choose dental tourism may also feel this is an opportunity to “see the world” while getting their teeth fixed at the same time. For cosmetic procedures that cause little or no discomfort, it can be a realistic goal. Of course, for most oral surgery, you need to start your research done before the procedure.

Common dental procedures

Cosmetic dental treatments are some of the more popular medical treatment that tourists prefer to do abroad. This is because dental insurance will not pay for any dental procedure that is not deemed necessary for oral and dental health. Dental veneers are a good example. These can cost € 750 or more per tooth in Europe. Patients who want a mouthful of veneers can decide to have them made out of the country so they can afford treatment in a lump sum instead of a payment plan. Tooth whitening is another potential treatment that can be accessed through dental vacation. Not so expensive in Europe, but many people on budget prefers a short trip to India worth saving a lot of money plus a vacation.

Many patients also travel to high-cost procedures and dentures. Here are some examples:

• Porcelain crowns, in-lays, and on-lays

• Bridges

• Dental implants

• Orthodontics (braces)

• The root canals

• Extraction of wisdom teeth

• Full-mouth reconstruction

Dental Tourism in India

Most Europeans who become dental tourists travel to India that offers a world class dental treatment at almost 60 to 80% reduced cost. Moreover, it also offers the person traveling to enjoy a vacation in India. There are many dental clinics in India that offer decent quality service, especially to foreigners. One such organization is a dental hospital in Mumbai with the name “Signature Smiles”.

With “Signature Smiles”, patients can expect a high-quality treatment in a warm and friendly atmosphere. They pride themselves on having an excellent team of dentists, hygienists, and specialists with a high level of expertise to provide the most effective and appropriate treatment. Our clinical teams are dedicated and subscribed to programs of continuing education in order to remain updated regarding the latest products and techniques; thereby providing effective treatments and services. “Signature Smiles” are able to provide a full range of dental treatments with specialists able to do more complex treatments. Their goal is to ensure your visits to the dentist without anxiety or stress preventing gum disease and tooth decay. They also provide advice and treatments that benefit your overall health.

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