Advances in technology and the fast-paced world have brought refuge to people who experience Edentulism, a condition where one loses teeth to some extent. Prosthetic dentistry has been one major factor for people who especially need good aesthetics in their careers and their life courses like actors and actresses, public and TV personalities, etc. Through prosthetic dentistry, patients no longer need to hide their smiles behind their lips; they’ll smile like the sun never sets.

All on 4 Dental Implants is a process by which teeth are artificially implanted and screwed. It is beneficial to all those who experience extreme tooth loss and/or tooth decay due to complications that have arisen from bad oral and dental habits, genetic factors, or physical accidents. It is a concept done in a Prosthodontic procedure, and as one, may cost a little too heavy for those who wish to retrieve their smiles. One whole process may cost as high as $40,000 for both jaws, having as high as $15,000 for one jaw in the first phase and as high as $5,000 for one jaw in the second phase.

Costly as it may be, the merits it can give are as rewarding. Because All on 4 Dental Implants are artificial, the worries for tooth decay and complications will be less likely to arise, for tooth implanted aren’t rooted to natural bodily functions, but instead, stand on their own. The need for dental visits, once the process had been completed from start to finish, will be less necessary. The need for surgery will be less likely to arise, too, for as these are already implanted, they are fixed as they’re done. The only downside to this concept is the very expensive price which will allow the procedure only to those who have the wealth and the money to afford this. While we wish for everyone to have great and beautiful smiles, the sad truth remains that it costs too much for a good cause.

All on 4 Dental Implants, unlike false teeth, which are detachable, come in a set of teeth for one jaw. The whole procedure involves two phases, having the first phase as the removal of remaining teeth in the jaw and placing the four implants coming along with a temporary bridge immediately secured to the four, in the bone. The second phase starts when healing has taken place and the implants are securely bonded to the bone. In this phase, the final bridge for the implants is fabricated using more durable materials. The teeth can either be porcelain or acrylic depending on the patient’s preference. The aforementioned are factors for the change in the price of the procedure.

All in all, Edentulism has been addressed to by the ever moving technology as people evolve with the world. Though All-on-4 is a little too out of reach for those who don’t have the luxury, it opens further dimensions towards achievable and beneficial prosthetic dentistry, omitting the bandwagon of affluence and extravagance whenever the word prosthetic is heard. All-on-4 would definitely bring brighter smiles to people less fortunate in their oral health.

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