If you are like me, this was a daunting thought as the investment is reasonable and the risks seem big, with a lot of internet scams etc. these days.
Being a Kiwi and 73 years young there was some nerves, but I was determined to have nice teeth for best years of my life left.
A lot of people that attend S.S.’s are from Australia and New Zealand, so hopefully the tips may assist anyone considering having the procedure completed in the future.
Unfortunately there no local dentists in New Zealand and Australia who assist us when we are considering this move, so we all are completely in the dark.

I started searching the internet (risky) to find out a bit more about the procedures and costs involved, as the cost in New Zealand and Australia is ridiculous, average three to four times the investment.
I found Signature Smiles by chance (thank goodness) and spoke to Aalok (your contact person) on a few occasions, and corresponded by email to get clarity, which was a great confidence booster for me, he put me at ease from the outset and he has over delivered on every aspect.
He also gave me the contacts (referrals) of other New Zealand people who had the procedure completed, who all spoke very highly of the doctors and staff at the clinic, headed by Dr Rahul Oza, who have all been great.

My first visit was in May 2018 where I was in Mumbai for ten days.
Mumbai I found to be a very safe place and all the people I encountered were very polite and happy to assist.
Then old saying that there are health risks in some of these countries is not a fair reflection, if you drink only bottled water and cooked meals as with any country you visit.

Aalok arranged to have me picked up from the airport with their own driver, so no risks about arranging anything when you arrive.
The clinic is spotlessly clean and hygiene is great and the staff gave you lots of confidence and the first procedures went very well.
The one thing I compromised was the accommodation, and recommend that you do it right the first time, so you enjoy the whole experience.

Tips for pretravel to India.
Every one requires an Indian Visa, and some people have been caught not having one when they got to the airport, which has happened to people and would not be a great start.
Your passport must have at least six months left till expiry date, to secure your temporary visa, which is about $75.00 N.Z., if you go through the Government Department direct, or an experienced travel agent. Other independent agencies are more expensive.
You require a new visa both times you travel.
This does not take much time to acquire, if your passport is valid for at least six months.
As there is a lot of down time while you are here on both visits, having a nice place to stay on my second visit made the whole experience much more enjoyable and recommend to get this right for both visits.
The Intercontinental hotel, (about 300 yards from the clinic) is great for the little extra is well worth the while where I stayed on my second visit.
They have the most amazing food, service, cleanliness, swimming pool, gym and decks for getting the fresh air and nothing is a problem.
The people here are very happy and welcoming and look after your every need and more.
Aalok is speaking to them at present, to see if they can work something for future clients.

1. There will be other people having the procedure staying at the hotel, people from the same countries have associates to share your spare time with and perhaps a few beers if required.
2. All the comforts and the food is second to none.
3. It is very handy, (300 yards from the clinic).
4. Nice to relax with some options of space indoors and outdoors, and for Kiwi’s it is quite hot here, so the pool (not many in Mumbai) is just what the doctor ordered.
5. On my first trip I booked another hotel round the corner and I was pretty much confined to my room with no other amenities, so made the days much longer.
6. Mumbai is the commercial hub of India and there are not lots of sight seeing options and in the traffic it can be quite tiresome.
7. Having both the best dentists and accommodation go hand in hand, hence my recommendation is to have the whole package.
8. Life is about fun, relaxation and a great “Signature Smile”, so spoiling yourself on these trips, you will be making a very good decision.
9. The Hotel has a great outlook over the sea coast and on the esplanade for morning walks.
10. Fully air conditioned.
11. The staff are just wonderful.
12. 24 -7 service with a smile.

Signature Smiles was voted “Best Iconic Dental Clinic in Mumbai” while I was there and this is very true.
I did not imagine the degree of detail required to get the perfect result and they leave nothing to chance.
Some of your appointments are both in the day time and late (10.30pm if required) at night, as they work tirelessly to make sure everything is perfect and do it happily.
Any concerns I first had were more than taken care in a very professional manner, “they are simply the best”.
Suggestion; We all tell Aussie and New Zealand dentist’s to come and visit for themselves, and they should be referring Kiwi’s and Australian’s to these Specialists, to make this a simple decision for everyone and a cost effective experience.

Thank you Signature Smiles and Intercontinental Hotel, I very much enjoyed your professionalism and your eye to detail.
John Davis

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