As technology has progressed exponentially in the past few years, Dentistry to has advanced drastically. These innovations have led to efficiency and ease for the dentist and made their patients satisfied and happy. There are many new technologies that have completely changed the way dentistry is practiced. Here are the top five game changers.

  1. Digital impressions with Intraoral scanner:

Innovations in Dental technology - Signature Smiles

A digital impression is a 3D digital scan of your teeth and mouth that allows your dentist to view your teeth and jaws on the computer screen and also take measurements of your teeth. It captures the interior of your mouth in great detail.

It is so much more comfortable for you than the traditional impressions. So no more trays and gooey material in your mouth and no more waiting for it to set. It really is a boon for people with a strong gag reflex and those who are sensitive to cold material.  The entire mouth can be scanned in as less as five minutes.

The digital impressions are of high quality and accurate with no distortion and error compared to traditional impressions. So your crown, bridge or other dental appliance will fit much better with least adjustment. It also has software that guides to decide the best placement of implants.

Plus it allows your dentist to show your teeth on the computer screen, magnify them as needed and help you understand the problem and the treatment.

  1. Digital X-rays:

Digital X-rays are quick and expose you to a much lower dose of radiation, almost 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays, making the process much less harmful so that you can feel more comfortable about having X-rays taken. Once the X-rays are taken, your dentist can immediately see them on the computer. These X-rays can be zoomed in to get a better view of the area. Your dentist can use it to educate and explain to you.

  1. Invisalign:

Innovations in Dental technology

If you want to straighten your teeth but are wary of having metal in your mouth, then Invisalign Dentist is for you. It has revolutionized the way teeth are straightened. It consists of a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually move teeth into their proper position. They are smooth and extremely comfortable. You can remove them as per your wish which makes eating, drinking, and oral hygiene super easy. The best part is that they are barely noticeable as they are clear and fit snugly to your teeth. You take them out when you want to get your picture clicked or on special occasions like weddings and other instances. A lot of Hollywood celebrities have used them to correct their orthodontic problems. After your dentist scans your teeth with the intraoral digital scanner, computerized models of your teeth are made, your treatment is planned digitally and the aligners are fabricated using software that makes the entire process precise. In the very next appointment, you get your aligners and can start wearing them.

  1. Laser Dentistry:

Innovations in Dental technology

Lasers are used in the healthcare setting as an extremely focused light energy used to alter or remove tissue in small amounts. Lasers are used in dentistry for a variety of procedures like gum depigmentation treatment and gum reshaping, treating gum disease, filling cavities, taking biopsies, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, exposure of wisdom teeth and removal of tissue overgrowths. Lasers have a distinct advantage as they are fast, reduce patient discomfort and make the procedure painless, so that anesthesia may not be needed. Also, there is less blood loss avoiding the need for sutures for treating gum diseases and shortening the overall healing period. Also, lasers can effectively eliminate any form of bacteria during the procedure and in the process sterilize the tissue and avoid further complications.

  1. Dental Implants:

Innovations in Dental technology - Signature Smiles

Replacing missing teeth has become extremely effective with dental implants as they are designed to look, feel and function like your natural teeth. Dental implants are titanium fixtures that are embedded in your jaw bone to replace the root part of your missing tooth. They act as anchors to hold the new dental crown or bridge or even dentures and restore your smile. They will let you talk, smile and eat with confidence; without the worry of loose dentures falling off or gaps in your mouth due to missing teeth. Implants can last a life time if they are planned well by an implant specialist and well care for by you. With evolving implant technology and use of the groundbreaking implant planning software, the process has become more accurate with very high success rates.

The advantage of dental implants treatment besides being closest to your natural teeth is that they will help to preserve your jaw bone and reduce bone resorption greatly. Also, they preserve your remaining natural teeth as there is no need to cut your natural tooth as is the case for a dental bridge.

You, as a patient, have greatly benefitted from these revolutions in technology. You don’t have to sit in the dental chair for hours to get treated – you need fewer and shorter appointments. Also, the accuracy of a lot of procedures has increased many folds enabling your dentist to provide you with the treatment with successful outcomes. So now you don’t have to dread to go to the dentist as dental treatment has become comfortable and quick.

At Signature Smiles, we understand the importance of technology in dentistry and are at the forefront of this technological revolution. Hence we have adopted the latest advancements like smile design and facial esthetic software, in-house CBCT, CAD-CAM technology, patient consultation software besides the above-mentioned innovations. It is a complete digital dental clinic – from diagnosis to treatment. Hence we are able to provide the most comprehensive and modern treatment in a short period of time and are recognized as the best dental clinic in Mumbai, India.

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