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  • IGOR - United States

  • Mr & Mrs Homberger - Switzerland

  • Yonita - South Africa

  • Naveed - Saudi Arabia

  • Nicholas - Singapore

  • Cassamjee - Mauritius

  • Percy & Marita - Australia

  • Mr. Gavin Webby - New Zealand

  • Ian - England

  • Ceri Whitley United Kingdom

    I travelled from Australia to Mumbai to rectify mainly cosmetic issues with my teeth from bruxism and years of wearing a metal lounge piercing. I had 10 upper and 10 lower zirconia layered crowns and I am delighted with the aesthetic improvement as well as improved functionality. The service (and price) I received at Signature Smiles is easily 100 times better than anything I’ve received both in the UK or Australia. Would recommend Signature Smiles to anyone!

  • Glenys Knight New Zealand

    The whole experience with Signature smiles has been exemplary. Form my first contact with Dr.Sunanda when I found the clinic on the internet, communication has been clear, friendly and open. Prices all quoted up front –no hidden extra charges. I was collected at the airport & driven to my Air-BnB, which was a welcome relief after 30+ hours of travel. I have been extremely impressed with the standards of equipment & care. Dr Vineet especially who fitted my crowns showed extreme attention to detail, taking his time to ensure they were exactly right. After the initial anaesthetizing injections, there was no pain or even discomfort & I am absolutely thrilled to be able to smile with confidence now.

  • Garry Goldman London

    It’s never easy deciding which dental practice to do implants & crowns. But I am glad to have found Signature Smiles who are straight forward and trustworthy. A big thank you to the team at Signature smiles for putting the smile back on this face! And special thanks to Dr.Sunanda for the kindness in helping me with another issue on my first visit.

  • Debbie Lawrence Australia

    Words cannot describe how great this feels. My only regret is that I did not come sooner For years, I’ve had bad teeth and was always so self –conscious of my smile. This affected my self- esteem to such a level that I was only existing and not living. Dr.Rahul, you have a smile softness that melted my heart. You have the hands of angel & the professionalism that is above & beyond anything I’ve seen back home. Dr.Hamza –Thank you for your patience & your compassion. Sweety-For our little chats& shopping trips. You really are a “sweety”. I will miss you my dear friend. And to all the team here at ‘Signature Smiles’ thank you for giving me every reason to smile .You have changed my life.

  • Julie McSweeny Australia- Central Coast NSW

    was extremely nervous coming here alone to India especially with my world few of dentists. The staff here are so kind & even though I had several anxiety attacks they had a wonderful reassuring way about them that made my experience here so much less scary & comfortable. Dr.Rahul & his team are extremely professional and make you feel at ease straight away. Every detail is explained thoroughly & their bright smiles are indicative of their character-warm, friendly, empathetic & understanding. Aalok is excellent in managing all my emails & questions. The staff here should be very proud of the way the clinic runs so smoothly because of their beautiful calm nature. Thank you all for making this as ‘painless’ as possible.

  • Fernando Blanco Argentina

    I found Signature Smiles online by the good reviews so I contacted them and from day one they were really professional to answer all my questions. I was little scared to come from 30hrs flight but they picked me up from hotel .And every single doctor was amazing, really professional, the clinic had advance technology and it was clean. It’s important to say that my idea was to take out all my teeth out but they saved many of them. So is not about money is about you!!!

  • Sandie O’Connor Australia

    Such a fantastic experience! Coming to Mumbai felt haunting but after coming here and meeting the team nerves settled quickly!! I couldn’t be happier with the final result and the service provided by the clinic. Dr.Rahul is gentle, caring and precise he is/has developed a fantastic team. Thank you Signature Smiles you are definitely worth coming for! I will be recommending you to many in the future!! Thank you.

  • Alistair Dousan Australia

    An amazing experience from a truly fantastic team of professionals and the results are fantastic.

  • Ilse Day Australia

    I would like to thank everyone at Signature Smiles for their professional help. From Start to finish, their planning and technology is second to none the Australian dentist have a lot to learn. I cannot recommend them to high enough. I will tell everyone if any dental work is needed go India to Signature Smiles.

  • Peter Bargewell Australia

    After being disappointed with a denture, I decided upon an implant bridge. Choosing Signature Smiles was the best idea I had. From first rocking up to final leaving it has been a pleasure (lead no pain) through all the different operation the doctors have performed on me. There has been nothing but professionalism from all employees and I am going home with a great set of teeth. I wish all success to Dr.Rahul and his team. I know you will be getting the very best of treatment with Signature Smiles. Thank you for everything

  • Amanda Ireland

    We both couldn’t be more happier with our new smiles. The service has been exceptional and the staff’s attention to detail is fantastic.

  • Janina Herat Australia

    I got to know Signature smiles form a friend that was previously treated & I must say they have exceeded the recommendation given. Aalok has been like a big brother to us single girls here looking out for us the whole time being in Mumbai. He is definitely going above & beyond his job. Also Dr.Rahul has been so kind and gentle in his work, it is amazing. Thank you very much to girls in reception, so much fun & they have given us heaps of insights of Indian culture! Thank you so much!!

  • Florita Hall Australia

    Thank you to Dr.Rahul Oza & all the rest of dental Signature Smiles staff & dentist for doing an absolutely amazing job with my teeth is so beautiful & very comfortable, the fittings of all my crowns is absolutely precise & fitted very well that you swear it’s your very own teeth. I’m so grateful to come here to have my dental done. Dear Signature Smiles dentist & staff thank you for amazing treatment that I can highly recommend to anyone that have problem with their teeth. I’m so happy and very satisfied for the beautiful craftsmanship especially to Dr.Rahul and crew who have done my teeth, so nice and beautiful, perfect fit and I feel a new lady. So I thank you so much, so humble & grateful to have known all of you, so nice and very hospital.

  • Jennifer Sims New Zealand

    I am extremely grateful and very humbled by the service and empathy of Dr.Rahul and all the staff. My treatment has been first class with Dr.Rahul being a true master of his trade, his workmanship in exemplary and I am over the moon with my new teeth & look, just so natural & beautiful. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone & everyone in doubt, you will not be disappointed with the results and professionalism. I cannot say enough about the treatment I have received here, and the cleanliness is first class, very hygiene! If you have any doubts coming here Please ask for my contact details and I am more than happy to talk to you. Thank you everyone at Signature Smiles. I love you all.

  • Paul Dickinson Australia

    Paul Dickinson I’ve lived in Australia for the past 12 years, I’ve been to the dentist 3 times in that time, twice to have 1 tooth removed on each ovation. One of those times I ended up in hospital as the dentist left half the tooth in the socket and I got septicaemia ( I looked like Quasimodo) the third time I went to the dentist here in Australia the dentist said that there was nothing to be done for me and to remove all my teeth, I trusted his word and had my teeth removed and dentures put in immediately , 4hrs and $4.000 dollars later I was sent home with my horse nashers in my gob, told not to take them out for 2/3 days. The pain was undiscribable. The dentures might as well have been made for a horse, they flopped around in my mouth and no amount of glue would keep them in when I ate. I looked into implants and got 5 quotes from Australia 3 from SA 2 from QLD , the dearest in SA at $118.000 then $78.000, $76.000, $48.000, then another one for $45.000 or $40.000 for cash. Something a bit dodgy there, then I looked farther afield, Asia, Europe, Russia and India. Thailand and the phillopeans , came in at around the $36.000 Russia and India both coming in at around $16.000 total cost, I chose India and in particular signature smiles because No 1 I don’t trust Australian dentists , I believe that they are under qualified and over paid, No 2 , I love Indian food, No 3 , I don’t like being ripped off, No 4, Aalock from signature smiles was ( point of contact) was brilliant, leading on from there the staff from our driver to receptionist to everyone, amazing and Dr Raul? What a guy. So, am I glad that I went to India and specifically Signature Smiles? You bet your bottom dollar I am, and I’ll shout it from the roof tops, top notch company and staff. And I didn’t get ripped off to boot. So for all you stick in the mud siniks , carry on paying through the TEETH for crap work and your dentists next Lamborghini while I have a beautiful holiday in Mumbai

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