Missing teeth or broken teeth are not just physical problems, but a matter of embarrassment. Your beautiful smile can completely get spoiled due to missing teeth or broken teeth. Well, today we have technologies to give us all the comforts that we need. So, why should we be worried about missing teeth? Modern dentistry has come up with a dental implant technique that can replace broken teeth or missing teeth perfectly. The more amazing thing is that these are not like artificial teeth that you cannot be termed as real substitutes of original teeth. After a successful dental implant in India, you can be used to artificially implanted teeth for all purposes, like chewing, flossing, etc. Once installed, these teeth will serve you for a lifetime – at least 20 years minimum. All thanks to the modern dentistry – today missing or broken teeth are no more embarrassments of our lives.

What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental Implant has been defined as a process of artificial replacement of the root portion of your missing or broken teeth. It is a step by step process. The artificial tooth that has to be installed or implanted comes with a preinstalled socket. When it is implanted properly on your jaws, you can use the tooth for all purposes. A dental implant is considered a surgery, though it is a minor surgery in medical terms. Still, it may have some risks, especially if you are supervised by a non-professional or novice dentist. In order to get the best dental implant services, it is mandatory to find a good dentist, who has specialized in a dental implant. In medical term, a specialized dentist who does dental implant is known as ‘Implantologist’.

Dental Implant at Signature Smiles

Signature Smiles is a modernized dental clinic in the city of Mumbai, having veteran dentists, who can perform dental implants with precision and safety. Dr. Sandeep Khanna is the leading implantologist in Signature Smiles, having more than 20 years’ professional experience. At Signature Smiles, you can get different types of a dental implant in India. Following types of dental implant solutions are provided:

  • Bio-Denta from Switzerland
  • Nobel Bio-Care from Switzerland
  • Bio Horizon from the USA
  • Ankylos from Germany

Dental Implant Process

Signature Smiles offers step by step and standardized approach for dental implant services. Right from consultation to pre-surgery analysis and tests – we perform all sorts of necessary things to ensure the best results for our patients. Here is the process at a glimpse:

    • The first stage is the consultation. We give a rough depiction about dental implant to patients. Furthermore, we recommend them a few important tests and X-Ray scanning.
    • Once the checking has been done, the next stage is preparing the patient for the surgery. Estimation of the process for dental implant surgery has also been given.
    • The surgery is performed under local anesthesia so that it can be a painless experience. Right after surgery, patients can walk out comfortably – no need for further vigilance.

So, if you want to get rid of your embarrassments due to missing teeth or poor teeth, simply opt for the professional and expert dental implant services from the Signature Smiles.

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