Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment) is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and cure of diseases of the dental pulp. The dental pulp tissue is located inside the tooth cavity and is composed of the pulp layer and the root canal. This treatment is popularly known as “root canal”.

Changes in cases of caries, tooth fractures, tooth trauma, orthodontic trauma, endo-periodontal injuries, prosthetic needs, root canal treatment are indicated in order to maintain the tooth in the oral cavity and the health of the periapical tissues (surrounding the tooth).


Tooth decay is the most common cause of pulp inflammation. Among other causes and factors that can lead to a realization of endodontic treatment include dental trauma, inflammation of the pulp from infection of periodontal disease, prosthetic dental need, and abrasions.

Root canal treatment is indicated in two situations:

1. When the vital pulp inflammation presents with spontaneous pain (pulpitis) due to exposure of dentin by deep decay, fracture of the crown, gingival retraction, trauma, etc.

2. When the pulp loses its vitality (necrotic) and compromises the structure that surrounds the root causing inflammation of the periodontal ligament and bone (abscesses and cysts).

With the use of anesthesia, treatment channel is in most cases painless. Teeth with necrosis cannot hurt anything. In the case of pulpitis, especially those in the acute phase, even when the patient is anesthetized can hurt a little until the inflamed tissue is completely removed. After that, the pain is minimal during treatment, since we have several control measures and pain management.

Root Canal Treatment in India with Signature Smiles.

Cleaning and shaping the root canals properly is of primary importance to obtain success in endodontic treatment.

This procedure has been done for a long time through various hand files, resulting in too slow a process. Moreover, endodontic treatment with hand files can cause iatrogenic as deviations, and large root perforations wear due to the high rigidity of these instruments, which are produced in stainless-steel alloy.

In recent years, thanks to the development of nickel-titanium instruments, it became possible to manufacture rotary files with high flexibility.

By these files, we observe significantly lower dentine wear, which helps to minimize the risk of radicular fractures, as well as the duration of treatment, avoiding multiple queries dressings and subsequent filling of the channel.

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