Dentures are removable prosthesis that is used to replace some or all missing teeth in the jaws. When all the teeth are replaced with removable prosthesis they are called as complete dentures. If few teeth are replaced then they are termed as partial dentures.

Dentures are made of a material which can be used along with metal, this material is called an acrylic resin, it is durable, can be repaired easily. There are various types of acrylic resin which can be used to fabricate the denture depending upon the indication.

Complete and partial dentures are custom made and finely crafted as per your requirement. We ensure that the denture will last you for many years to come. Depending on the number of teeth to be replaced and the type of resin used the price of dentures can vary from $500-$2000.

Over a period of time, the bone and gums under the denture continue to shrink as a normal response of aging. The dentures will need to be adjusted to fit tight again. This procedure is termed as relining or rebasing as the surface which is in contact with the gums is modified to the new position of the gums. Sometimes due to continuous use, the dentures become worn out or eroded and may need to be revitalized.

With appropriate care a denture should last you for many years, sometimes they need to be repaired because of the following reasons:

  1. When biting on something extremely hard, the denture may break in two.

  2. When alignment is poor the denture may crack and break.

  3. Accidentally break when it is dropped.

  4. The metallic components may distort and need to be adjusted.

Repair of dentures is a relatively simple procedure because the material used to fabricate a denture is specially made to allow for changes to be made in the future.

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