A dental implant is a surgical component which is made of an alloy of titanium which forms a very close bond with a bone to replace the root of the teeth which are lost, it is capable of supporting a dental prosthesis which ensures the lost function is restored optimally.

Generally, the cost of an implant is determined by the training and experience of the dentist, the type of implant design, the material of the prosthesis, and the number of the teeth involved. However, the cost of an implant in India is $250 onwards, and that of a bone graft is around $300. The cost of getting all your teeth with the dental implants in India can range from $5000- $20.000.

A specialized type of bone scan (3D CBCT) is utilized to plan the treatment, a few normal blood reports are also advised for evaluating the medical status, ensuring a quick recovery following surgery.


Phase I: Dental implants are placed in the maxilla(Upper Jaw) and/or mandible(Lower Jaw) using strict aseptic protocols under local anesthesia.
Phase II: Once the bone has adequately formed around the implant, after a period of a few months, the crown portion of the tooth is restored.

Sometimes it is possible to remove teeth which cannot be saved and place implants in the same appointment, this is done to ensure quick rehabilitation of the lost function. This is called Immediate implant placement.

In certain clinical situations where a patient cannot have a missing tooth for a few days (for example a front tooth), the crown portion is also replaced on the day of surgery if certain surgical criteria are met with. This ensures the patient does not notice an absent tooth even for a day, this is done by our specialists and is called Immediate loading.

Signature Smiles Advantage

Our goal is to give the quality of life back to our patients, to enable them to smile without hesitation and chew with comfort.

a. Internationally qualified implantologists with extensive training and experience.
b. Strict sterilization protocols ensuring patients safety.
c. In-house 3D CBCT for treatment planning.
d. Experience in minimally invasive surgeries using advanced treatment planning and surgical stents.
e. Assured quality products.

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