Dental Tourism

Dental tourism is a concept that see people travelling worldwide for getting superior dental treatments.

Within a short span of time, India became a popular and preferred destination for its exclusive qualities like professional services, advanced and high- tech infrastructure, skilled and internationally trained dental surgeons; English speaking- compassionate support staff and most importantly affordable prices.

India attracts patients from all over the world especially United States, Africa, Middle East and Australia –New Zealand for treatments like Full mouth Rehabilitation with Dental Implants and crowns, Smile Makeovers with Ceramic/Porcelain Veneers, invisible aligners or transparent plates, specialized surgical procedures like gum surgeries and wisdom teeth extraction.

Dental Implants at Signature Smiles: Dental Implant Treatments or fixed denture treatments at Signature Smiles are performed by highly skilled and experienced dental surgeons who have been in practice since 20 years. They are internationally trained to perform complicated surgeries and have a high success rate. We use dental implant systems like Ankylos from Germany, Bio Denta from Switzerland, Bio Horizon from USA, Nobel Bio Care from Switzerland. We are equipped to do all sorts of implants like immediate implants, all on four implants etc. As per the requirement of the patient, we do either single phase or 2 phase implants. The time frame required for the procedure ranges between 1- 3 weeks.

Most importantly, focus is placed on fumigating and sterilizing the surgical room and equipments to avoid any type of cross contamination and infection.

Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers: We have corrected over thousands of dental imperfections to deliver dazzling smiles. Porcelain Veneers are made in our own dental laboratory hence they are more precise in terms of size, shape, shade and bite. (To suit your facial characteristics) The time frame required to get a smile makeover is about 3-7 days only.

We offer various brands for Veneers like, Zircon, Zircon Cad Cam, Ultra T, Emax, Feldspathic etc. Each product has its own unique special feature. Each product comes with a different warranty.

Why Signature Smiles?

We are a renowned and trusted dental care chain of 8 centres in Mumbai catering to a number of local and international patients on daily basis. The following factors help us keep our clinic on the top in the International market.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the first considerations individuals from abroad ponder on is the lower dental fees in India. Whilst comparing treatment costs across various clinics in India, it is important to make a note of the different materials and types used. Various dental clinics may use lower quality in trading off with the treatment fees. We at Signature Smiles use latest material and technology all at affordable rates.

Dentist Qualification

The most important factor in a successful dental treatment is undoubtedly the skill, qualification and experience of the dentist. All our dentists are trained overseas and updated on the latest in the field of dentistry.

Timeline for Dental Treatment

We offer effective scheduling, quick and precise treatments, thanks to our in -house dental lab. This is a vital factor in handling overseas cases

Service standards

ISO certification and strict sterilization protocol is an assurance of our high service standards.

Customized Affordable Packages

Dental procedures and cost estimate differ from case to case. Hence we are happy to assist you with a customized package that can include your-

Treatment plan



Airport Transfers

Hotel pick Up


We keep having special offers on various treatments. Our co-ordinator will be happy to assist you with these, on request

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