With dental costs rising in developed countries, it would make sense that someone would want to go to India in order to get their teeth fixed. Getting a root canal treatment simply costs too much, even for many Westerners. This is why some people come to our dental clinic, Signature Smiles. We are located in Mumbai and we can make your smile beautiful. Our clinic is ISO 9001-2008 certified, which means that our customers can be assured that our dental clinic operates according to the highest international standards. Our methods and the technology we use is properly tested and this is why we are one of the few trusted dental clinics in India.

India is a beautiful country and Mumbai is full of tourists. Getting your teeth done at our clinic and being able to see the city at the same time is a great money-saving idea. Our prices are much lower than what you would pay at your average Western dental clinic. Getting a Root Canal Treatment is always a challenging procedure and our dentists do what they can to save your teeth. Many people are afraid of this procedure because it can be painful. We want to inform you that our clinic performs this treatment without you feeling any pain or discomfort. The whole procedure can be done in less than a day, including the capping part.

Our experienced endodontists can finish the procedure in one sitting for a very good price. The stress-free and comfortable atmosphere that we provide at our clinics will relieve most patients of any worries. Our staff is ready to answer every question and we do what we can to make sure that our clients feel comfortable. We have adopted various methods from all around the world to make sure that we can provide the best service to our clients. Our aim is to update our knowledge and technology at all times.

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