What is Smile Designing and How much does Smile Makeover Cost?

A smile is always the focal point of your face. It is one of the first things that people notice about us. Teeth and gums together make your smile. So if you are not happy with the appearance of your smile, transforming it with smile designing treatment is an excellent option. Revitalizing your smile with smile designing can change your life!

What is smile designing and smile makeover

A smile is thought to be beautiful when it is in harmony with a person’s physical features and expressive of their personalities. In today’s world where people want an esthetic smile, you can get that perfect smile you always wanted with a smile makeover. So essentially smile designing and smile makeover are one and the same – a custom tailored plan that addresses multiple dental imperfections at the same time.

Your teeth and gums are transformed to be in balance with your features to maximize your smile’s esthetics, function and health. The shape, color and contour of your teeth are altered to make them proportionate to your face. Your smile design dentist should have an eye to balance all these elements to achieve the best result.

Various cosmetic dental treatments are used in smile makeover to fix a number of dental problems like:

  • Tooth discoloration and stains

  • Alignment problems like spacing, crowding and crooked teeth

  • Mismatch of the size of teeth and mouth: teeth that are too long or too small for the mouth

  • Missing, cracked and chipped teeth

  • Uneven smile

  • Unattractive gingival levels

Smile makeover can be achieved through dental veneers, teeth whitening, crowns, composite bonding, gum recontouring and dental implants.

Smile Designing process

It is always best to receive treatment from dentists of a reputable smile makeover clinic who specialize and have experience in smile designing. Your dentist should spend time in understanding your expectations.

Advanced dental clinics in Mumbai, India use state-of-the art smile design and facial esthetic software for a completely digital process. The plus point of digital smile design is that the results are more predictable and look natural. It also helps to convey this information to the dental laboratory that fabricates your final restoration. Your dentist is able to design a vision of your future smile.

The process starts with thorough clinical assessment of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Next, high resolution photographs of the teeth, including their relationship with each other, gums, lips and the entire face are taken. Molds of your teeth are made using cutting edge intraoral scanner. All this information is then fed in the software which enables the dentist to understand and analyze your smile. Certain drawings are made on these photos to record measurements. Thus your customized smile is designed taking into consideration a number of aspects like the shape, color of your teeth, your expectations, your facial soft tissues and your personality.

Since no two smiles are alike and so you will get a truly customized smile. With digital smile design you are kept in the loop at every stage and in fact you get to visualize the final results before any treatment is initiated. Models are made to simulate the intended goal of your custom treatment plan.

Advantages of digital smile design treatment

  1. Natural looking smile that perfectly complements your face

  2. High satisfaction with the new smile


  • Enhanced confidence: One of the most prominent benefits of getting a smile makeover is that it will boost your confidence. Many people who don’t have that perfect smile feel self-conscious while smiling, but with smile makeover, you will feel better about your smile, will not hide your smile anymore and will smile often.

  • A bright white smile:  you can bid good bye to the yellow stained teeth and say hello to a whiter sparkling smile. It’s an amazing way to completely revamp your smile.

  • Better quality of life: people who have undergone smile makeover love showing off their teeth. With their broad smile they have a better social life. A self-assured smile opens the door to many better things in life like doing well on a job interview, getting promoted in office and a new relationship. Plus smiling more often has its own psychological benefits.

  • Look younger: A yellow smile, chipped teeth can make a person look older. A bright radiant smile is an indicator of vitality. You look younger with a smile makeover.

  • Better oral health: Well aligned teeth make chewing food easier and better. Also, brushing and flossing is more effective and so you are able to maintain the health of mouth.

Cost of smile makeover treatment

Many people are concerned with their smile and want to fix issues but are unsure of the cost of smile makeover. The cost of smile makeover is dependent on a number of factors such as the type of cosmetic treatment required, the number of restorations necessary, complexity of your case, the extent of work needed and the type of material used. Since smile makeover is personalized to meet every patient’s unique goals and needs, the exact price will vary from one person to the other. At Signature Smiles our dental experts will understand your expectations and give you treatment options along with pricing for smile makeover. Renowned for its world class dental service at affordable cost, Signature Smiles is the top destination for customized smile designing in Mumbai, India. The cost of our smile makeover treatments will fit all types of budget and help you get your dream smile.

Find out if smile designing is right for you      

At Signature Smiles our dental specialists strive to provide each patient with the smile they desire with makeover treatments that they can comfortably afford. Our cosmetic dentists have years of experience in treating all types of esthetic dental issues. So if you are interested about what smile designing can do for you and your confidence but concerned about its cost, make an appointment with our Signature Smiles experts and get a consultation today. We are located in Mumbai and do welcome new patients from the city as well as other countries.

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