Root Canal Treatment Is Not More Painful With Signature Smiles

Root Canal Treatment is considered as one of the most dreaded dental procedures to endure. The procedure is performed to remove the tooth’s pulp. The tooth’s pulp may get infected or injured due to several reasons such as repeated dental procedures, fillings, or having a cracked or broken tooth. This will directly affect the pulp tissues and nerves causing severe infection. The condition if left untreated may further lead to infection in surrounding tissues, as well. Root Canal Therapy repairs the badly infected tooth by removing the pulp.

The root canal treatment cost in Mumbai is far too high. Dental clinics charge a high amount for the procedure, and even the quality of services are not par with international standards. However, this is not the case with Signature Smiles.

At Signature Smiles, we offer high-quality root canal treatments at affordable prices. The treatment is painless, as it is carried out under local anesthesia. Our highly experienced Root Canal Specialists (Endodontists) perform the procedure efficiently in a single sitting.

Besides, we have multiple operatory set-ups that help reduce the waiting time. Our dental surgeons work with the latest technology at hand to give our patients the best possible results. The rotary system we use for the treatment provides the best quality results at feasible costs.

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