Dental care and coronavirus (COVID-19)

The entire world is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Until the arrival of a vaccine or effective treatment, we have to learn to live with it. Dental clinics are no different. Read on to find out how COVID-19 has affected the entire dental industry.

Dental health is vital in maintaining your overall wellness. Hence even during the covid-19, it is important not to neglect your oral health so that adverse consequences are avoided.

Dental practice guidelines during COVID-19 pandemic to ensure safe dental care:

Virtual consultations and Teledentistry

One of the impacts of covid-19 on dentistry is that some dentists are consulting their patients digitally, with the help of photographs and videos taken by patients using their cell phone camera. This is used for consultations and treatment planning when it is difficult for patients to reach the clinic.


  • Everyone entering the dental clinic, including staff, dentists, and patients, are screened for COVID -19 – their temperature is taken and symptoms checked.

  • All members of the dental team undergo testing for COVID-19 at regular intervals.

Physical distancing

  • Maintaining a distance of 6 feet between people whenever possible

  • Scheduling appointments in a way that would keep minimum people in the waiting area.

  • Waiting can be done in their vehicle or outside the clinic instead of the waiting room.

Infection control protocols

Universal precautions were already in place in the dental clinic such as sterilization of instruments, disinfection of treatment rooms before and after each patient visit, etc. But additional measures effective against COVID 19 are used such as:

  • Alcohol-based hand rub which contains at least 60% alcohol at the entry and strategic places inside the facility.

  • Patients are made to rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash before the start of treatment to reduce germs.

  • High-speed evacuation to prevent the spread of the virus through aerosols that are formed during procedures.

  • Frequently touched areas and objects such as doorknobs are regularly disinfected.

  • Additional disinfection during after-hours using fogging devices.

Use of Additional protective barriers and PPE

  • Physical barriers such as plastic shields the reception counter personal protective gear (PPE) by dentists and their assistants, this includes face masks, eye protection, gloves and gowns, head caps.

  • Patients are advised to wear their face mask which is removed only during treatment.

Proper ventilation systems

Air filtration is done using purifiers to remove germs from the air.

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