10 mistakes you’re making with your oral health

10 mistakes you’re making with your oral health

Maintaining good oral health is very important and failure to do so can lead to a wide range of problems both minor and serious. Below is a list of 10 mistakes you might be making with your own personal dental care according to our experts at Signature Smiles.

1- Overzealous brushing
Many people believe that constant brushing is a good idea, especially if you want instant teeth whitening but too much of it has been linked to enamel erosion and other oral health problems. If left untreated it leads to sensitivity and severe pain.

2- Using too much pressure when you are brushing your teeth
After a recent visit to an oral surgeon near me, it was discovered that the enamel on two of my back teeth had eroded and they had begun to decay. This boils down to possibly using too much force during brushing over a long period of time.

3- Selective brushing
Signature Smiles head specialist, encourages patients to be very thorough when they are brushing. Many make the mistake of brushing just the surface layers of their teeth which often allows for harmful plaque to build up in other areas. All the areas of the tooth should be covered while brushing and not a single tooth should be left out.

4- Ignoring your tongue
Bacteria enjoys breeding on the tongue which leads to halitosis and other health problems. By ignoring your tongue during brushing, you run the risk of developing several problems.

5- Not using the right toothbrush
In addition to using the incorrect brushing technique, a lot of people use toothbrushes that do more harm than good. These include hard bristled brushes which erode the enamel and scratch the gums which can cause bleeding and inflammation. A medium toothbrush is ideal.

6- Dirty toothbrush
Not everyone can afford to buy toothbrushes after just a few months and so they choose to keep the same one for months. In this case, toothbrushes that are not thoroughly rinsed out and cleaned can develop harmful bacteria that wreaks havoc on your oral health. Once the bristles start fraying, the brush should be changed i.e. once in 2 months.

7- Forgetting to floss
If you choose not to floss after brushing your teeth, then there is a great chance that you are leaving food debris stuck between your teeth. Over time, this can lead to tooth decay and other problems

8-Ignoring to rinse your mouth after meals
If you do not rinse your mouth after meals, this could lead to a buildup of acid in your mouth which causes bad breath and other health issues.

9-Ignoring dentist appointments
It is important to visit the dentist at least twice a year. Not doing so can lead to several problems building up and putting your oral health at risk.

10- Ignoring signs like bleeding and onset of pain
Bleeding is an indicator of weak gums and warrants an immediate visit to the dental clinic, so as to prevent further damage to the underlying bone.
Similarly, any pain in the oral cavity should not be ignored and a visit to the dentist should be scheduled immediately.

As long as you avoid making the above mistakes, your oral health should improve in no time.

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