Extracting a tooth is the procedure of removing the supported tooth from jaws. It is removed when it is decayed, broken or crooked. The tooth extraction process is simple and affordable cosmetic dentist are easy to get.

You will get affordable dental treatment.

The necessity of tooth removal

Dentists take care of patient teeth, examine them with care, and provide a solution to avoid toothaches, tooth removal, and its decay. Dentists recommend restoration processes like filling and crowning when teeth are badly affected by decay but if it fails then dentist prefers to have a tooth extraction.

Problems associated with healthy teeth and their remedies:

Suffering from teeth eruption of healthy teeth is a common problem. This problem happens due to the lack of availability of space in the mouth. Teeth impacted do not emerge at the required positions and are blocked by the jaw bone and gums. It results in severe pain and causes a lot of infection in the mouth.

Dental implants

In India, we provide affordable dental implants. After examining, if there is no way remaining without tooth extraction then Dentists advise for a dental implant. The dental implant is an easy process and it takes maximum 1-2 days.

The procedure took by us for dental health

After going through your previous reports, we examine your teeth and their condition. After examination, we provide you the best solution and affordable dental treatment.

Reasons for Teeth removal: 

  • To grow up teeth normally and also keeping an eye on the eruption of other teeth.

  • To increase spacing in the mouth by treatment by orthodontic procedures.

  • To stop gum disease and decay or any kind of infection.

  • To avoid bleeding, swelling, and infection because of the eruption of wisdom teeth.

  • To avoid the formation of mouth tumor.

  • To prevent front teeth movement due to the impact of a healthy tooth.

Tooth extraction and its types

Two types of the extraction process are performed in accordance with the condition of the patient. Affordable dental treatment in India is very helpful for patients.

Simple process for tooth extraction:

This process carried by dentists is called simple because it needs the requirement of local anesthesia. Dentists check the visible part of a tooth by using elevator and forceps and moved further to increase the gap and the tooth is then removed.

Removal of the tooth by surgery:

This is a complex tooth extraction process. Teeth those are broken beneath the gum are loosened up which cannot be accessed easily. The soft skin layer and bones are cut after using local anesthesia. Sometimes removal of bone tissues is done by drilling. The tooth cut into pieces for easy extraction. Sedation is given to the patient getting anxious and fear of drilling or getting nervous.

Tooth removal and its alternatives:

After checking your tooth condition doctor prefer an alternative treatment only after consulting the patient. By some easy restoration treatment like root canal tooth can be saved and can be prevented from getting a further infection.

Services you can afford for tooth removal

Our affordable cosmetic dentist and dental treatment can be enjoyed by you all over India. Contact us if you are facing any kind of dental ailments.

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