It is not every teenager who is so lucky to have an excellent dental structure. Most of those who come to Signature Smiles have misaligned teeth. While this is a natural human problem, and nothing to be ashamed about, it scares most young girls and boys a lot. It steals their self-confidence and prevents them from smiling as often as they would love to. Braces have always solved the problem; however, teens are ashamed of wearing visible ones. This is why they visit us, as we offer invisible braces. Not only do these add to their confidence level, but also straightens their teeth in an incredible manner.

One thing you should know is that braces are for older teens and adults who have issues with their teeth alignment. All the same, we boast highly competent and dependable orthodontics. They can tell you whether your younger teenagers could do with our invisible braces. The older method of fitting metal braces with wires on the front of the teeth is fine with kids but not teenagers. Teens tend to be very sensitive about their appearances and might develop low self-esteem if they were to get the traditional braces. That’s why we have the invisible ones, and we only need to examine your child’s dental to determine whether they great candidates for these. Now, let’s tell you why teenagers cannot get enough of our clinic.

We are technology-savvy

Our invisible braces work because they are made with a very advanced computer technology that could foretell tooth movement. In addition, these orthodontic appliances are removable once the tooth being shaped has straightened out. While not all misalignment cases are treatable with our undetectable braces, they are ideal when your child has crooked teeth, an overbite issue, widely spaced teeth or very crowded teeth. Our clear aligner treatment entails trays that are worn for twenty-two hours each day and must not be misplaced or ignored.

A variety of invisible braces

Since we are committed to serving teenagers, we offer a variety of products. Examples include the ceramic braces, clear aligners and inside braces. Made of composite materials, ceramic or clear braces are delicate and larger than the conventional metal braces. They are fitted with tiny rubber bands to stay in place and these are changed during an adjustment session because they get discolored. The brackets themselves stay in place until the entire treatment period is over. Inside braces are fixed to the back of the teenager’s teeth so that they are hidden from prying eyes. Custom brackets are created with computer technology. We also offer clear aligners from the leading brands. These are removable appliances that are custom-fit to the teeth to offer a safe treatment with little adjustment discomfort. While minimally invasive, clear aligners cannot come off easily. The only time you remove them is when you are eating, drinking, brushing or flossing your teeth.

Inexpensive smile makeovers

Our invisible braces installation services are inexpensive. They are designed for every pocket. We offer the fairest Invisible Braces Cost in India. If you want to seek help for your teenager, simply make an appointment with one of our top orthodontics. Our low monthly payment plans are so attractive to teenagers, and we are sure they will capture your attention too. Above all, we give high quality, matchless services.

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